MetaServer140With the CaptureBites MetaServer, you can watch one or more email inboxes.

The server automatically copies any attachments of a specified type, such as PDF or JPG in a  defined folder structure.





  • The server runs on a Windows machine and uses the standard IMAP protocol to import e-mails.
  • PDF, TIF, JPG en BMP attachments can be detected automatically and copied in a folder.
  • The email body text can be converted to PDF and saved in a folder.


Handling exceptions with the Email Validation Client

Email messages that don’t contain a valid attachment can be send to an email validation client for manual processing. In the validation client, messages can be tagged for forwarding, deleted or considered as spam etc.




  • Attachments can be copied in a configurable folder structure on a local disk, network drive or FTP server.
  • To build the folder and file structure, you can make use of all possible email metadata
  • Examples of such metadata are: email subject, sender name, recipient name, sender email address, recipient email address, date and time received, original attachment name, attachment file type, etc.
  • Processed emails can be automatically moved from the inbox to defined IMAP folder on the email server (ex. Processed emails)
  • Metadata can be saved in an Email CSV, XML, HTML or custom text file.



Processing emailed photos

To process pictures generated with a smart phone, combine our free Android SnapToMail App with MetaServer.

SnapToMail is designed to be used nby anyone and features 6 large intuitive buttons to capture and email pictures to MetaServer.

More information can be found here.